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The primary goal of the eBookForge is the creation of high-quality electronic transcriptions of books in the public domain. To this end, there are several differences between the eBookForge and other websites which create transcriptions.



Work to the best of your ability

In any stage of production, your goal should be to make processing of the text you're working with as easy as possible for anyone else who will come in contact with it. This could be the second-round Proofreader, the Formatter, the Thin Red Liner, the Post-Processor, the PG White-Washer, and eventually will be the reader. If you need help at this stage of the work or if you feel that you don't have time, inspiration, or you don't understand the topic, purchase college research papers.


The most important statistic, if any, is 'Books Completed'

Individual and team page counts are deliberately not available from Round pages. At the eBookForge, producing quality ebooks matters to our volunteers, not the number of arbitrarily-sized chunks of text that you've worked on.


Posterity leaves no room for politics

You should expect frank, non-emotive and honest feedback. We're interested in making ebooks, not scoring points or smoothing difficult inter-personal relationships.

There will be few forum 'titles'. Those that do exist will be humorous, or will indicate an experienced user whom a new user may easily contact for help.


Workflow is balanced

That means there may be times when there are no projects in a round to work on. The aim is to have a maximum of 30-50 active projects at any one time. Projects should move more swiftly to PG this way. We also limit the number of new accounts in order to maintain balance between the phases of our ebook production process. Small batches of new accounts will be created whenever we're confident that our workflow can accommodate them. Because of this, open account registration is not enabled. If you are interested in volunteering, please email myrmidons ebookforge net.


Permissions are unique and eBookForge-earned

ebookForge users are unique. Permissions granted at eBookForge are granted solely due to work done at eBookForge. You cannot work on the same page in different rounds and creating multiple userids for the purpose of circumventing this restriction is not permitted.


Everyone can view who is working on a project

Details of who worked on which pages in a project are available to all users. Users at eBookForge are proud of the work they do and welcome feedback from anyone who cares to send it.


Everyone is responsible for the quality of their own work

All users have the ability to check the quality of their own work by using a tool which shows them which pages have been changed by other users in the later rounds. When users are satisfied the quality of their work meets the site requirements they can submit a request to gain access to later rounds. Users are encouraged to regularly check the quality of their work.


eBookForge is a work in progress

Nothing is ever perfect, least of all this site. You can expect the site to change, hopefully for the better.


But that's not to say you can't have fun

Fun, in fact, is the preferred way to do things here. However, the production of high-quality ebooks comes first.

Quotes from our eBooks which speak to the eBookForge philosophy

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